Our Core Values

Our Core Values

The specific needs and aspirations of our clients are the basis for our services. Our work is guided by our core values.

» Impact:

We measure our success by the transformation our investments make on our client's lives. As a social investment manager, we are guided by the triple bottom line approach (People, Profit and Planet); this ensures that impact investments not only generate profits but also create social and economic value to our clients, whilst not damaging the environment.

» Flexibility:

We aim to bridge the existing gap of access to inclusive financial services for SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, we offer high flexibility in our investments. Depending on the needs and aspirations of our clients, we are able to offer small to medium size investments as well as to acquire partnerships for larger investment opportunities.

» Proximity:

One of FRAGG's strengths is its proximity to SMEs. Our work is executed by highly qualified international and local team, who vigorously aspire to deliver our products and services to our client's doorsteps. With a combination of excellence and a close knowledge on the market's needs, we are able to harness the investment opportunities on the ground.

» Commitment:

Fragg is totally dedicated to serving its clients and supporting them to achieve their business goals. We undertake more deliberate strategies in reaching our target SMEs and in developing services that both meet their needs and the market demand.

» Affordability:

Our products and services are tailored to the needs of our clients and offered to them at the best affordable rate and in a responsible manner.

» Teamwork:

Our work success is stimulated by the commitment of our team. This is embedded in the exchange of strong experiences and support for each other. The sharing of the values and knowledge of the team leads to the realisation of excellent work results and to the achievement of our organisational goals.

» Quality:

We strive to provide reliable and high standard services and support to our clients. The quality of services delivered to our clients is of paramount priority and importance to us.