Fund Management

Our Business Services

We Provide Short-term, Middle term and Long-term Financing in various forms to meet the Specific Business Needs of SMEs and Growing Businesses.
Our Financing Covers the Following:
» Business Expansion
» Investment in Business Assets
» Financing of Incomes Generating Projects
» Setting up of New Product Lines

Fund Management & Investment Advisory Services

Our services suit the different needs of our clients. We provide affordable investment instruments to SMEs' in the impact sectors. This is followed by supplementary investment advisory services to support the SMEs in further developing their businesses.

Fragg Investment Management Ltd understands the obvious difficulties experienced by small and growing businesses in accessing funding from the mainstream financial sector. We deliver accessible and flexible debt instrument, which is exclusively designed to accelerate growth for the SMEs.

Fragg Investment Management Ltd is established to support SMEs in having seamless access to finance. Our due diligence techniques are aligned with the Cash flow analysis and repayment capacity of the SMEs rather than the traditional Collateral based lending system. We seek to engage investors who desire to finance social impact projects, which offer competitive market rate returns on their investments. Fragg investment management provides tailored investment instruments to small and growing businesses in Nigeria focusing mainly on businesses in the impact sectors.

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Investment Management
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Business Advisory Services
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Capacity Building
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Technical Assistance